Web Maintenance



Never neglect an opportunity to improve.

Web maintenance involves analyzing the code and examining the site in order to discover and report the issues while at the same time deploying solutions to solve them. It’s about making sure that the website is performing at its peak, so that your service delivery goes uninterrupted and fully optimized. Almost all big websites require heavy maintenance in order to keep them running smoothly, and is a matter of fact, the reason behind their success. Security and performance are the main two pillars of web maintenance, and we at Perfecent make sure your websites stands firm on both.


Page load time optimization plays a very significant role in a website’s user experience. According to research, 1 second delay in page response can cause a 7 percent reduction in conversions. That’s a huge loss in the world of digital. Making sure your website performance is fully optimized is crucial and at Cygnuse we do just that. 


This one as the name suggests help you make sure your website is trouble free. It involves looking for concerns on your website and fixing them. It sometimes requires a bit of trial and error however, the end result is a website that runs smoothly. Our experts investigates and connect all the dots to make sure they get to the root of any issue with your website and resolve it with the best practices. 


Security should be the main concern and top priority for any business. With so many hackers and competition lurking around, your business is surrounded with threats and can cause you some serious damage. Also the users feel much safe if the website is heavy on security as any information is confidential information. So for your peace of mind and your users, make sure your website is free of threats. Contact us today.