What We Do

What We Do


This is a long term engagement that leads to very refined strategy building. The Cygnuse Group helps enterprises adopt the Digital Native mantra, and become true digital natives. This essentially means that, we do an extensive research on the enterprise, their competitors and industry trends. We then engage with stakeholders to understand their business and priorities in brief. A survey-based assessment is done to inspire & educate new paradigms of technology.

  • We help you identify your risks and opportunities due to the rise of digital technologies, and truly internalize the digital native philosophy.
  • We create a roadmap of your digital and connected products, identifying precisely how you can transition to and grow your digital revenue streams.
  • We analyze where your industry is headed, and just as importantly, how your customer demography is shifting.
  • We deliver guidelines on how you can adapt your business processes and up-skill your employees in order to manage change successfully.

The digital strategy consultation will give you an overview of emerging technologies and digital adoption principles. We will walk you through an extensive and collaborative assessment program. Our digital practitioners will be on hand to guide you through the assessment.



We start with gathering business goals across units to perform a high level assessment, analyze the business value chain, explore opportunities & roadblocks.

We then conduct extensive research in your industry and your business, while educating stakeholders on core digital concepts and best practices.

Benchmarking the enterprise around various other parameters forms our next step. We take parameters such as digital revenues, investments in digital platforms – IT, Cloud, Data, Analytics etc. into consideration. Digital Enablers such as people, culture, processes are also an important aspect of assessment.

Our digital consultants then engage with stakeholders remotely & understand their business case, priorities and solutions based on impact, investments and risk.

Overall, our digital consultants will work closely with you to help you formulate a full-fledged digital strategy that helps you drive digital innovation impacting all key aspects of your business.


Ready to have a digital strategies that focuses on YOUR goals?

Cygnuse will research your internal management processes and website administration requirements to improve the overall efficiency of your organization.

Administration Digital Strategies

Different types of websites have different hosting requirements. Our digital experts will determine the proper level of hosting you need – no more and no less.

Hosting Digital Strategies

Based on our research, we work with you to develop an intelligent information architecture that will guide the flow of  your user experience.

Architecture Digital Strategies

Be open with us about your budgeting. We’ll develop strategies to provide optimal recommendations based on your budget.

Budget Planning Digital Strategies